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Living With Asthma: I Really Would like to Breathe Again

According to the World Health Organization, there are about 235 million asthma sufferers worldwide and it is most prevalent among children. It affects many people in all countries although mortality most often occurs in low and lower-middle income countries mostly due to poor health access. Even after being presented with these asthma facts, many asthmatics generally have a good quality of life that’s because this disease can be treated easily and can be prevented just as easily too.

asthma facts – In a nutshell, asthma is a disease of the air passages. It occurs when a trigger enters the body causing a very strong reaction leading to difficulty of breathing and the characteristic wheezing. The exact cause of asthma still eludes medical science but hereditary and the environment play a role in causing the disease. But usually the attack is caused by allergens in the environment like dust, pollen, animal dander and pollution. Although there are cases where in emotional stress and physical exertion like exercise can trigger an asthma attack.

asthma is usually treated with the use of bronchodilators delivered either through an inhaler or a nebulizer. Inhalers are small devices that spray bronchodilators into the airway thus promoting expansion of the air passage and relieving inflammation. Another is the use of a nebulizer where in it turns the medicine into fine mist and the patient just simply inhales it and causing the re-opening of the airway. Although pharmaceuticals are crucial in the treatment of asthma, prevention is still a better way to go.

Asthma facts

Living with asthma is not easy. Asthma prevention can be classified into two namely, environmental changes and lifestyle changes. Some helpful asthma tips for environmental modification is by knowing the things that can trigger the disease and then doing measures that avoid them. Air filter are also a great help since they function by cleaning the air from pollen and dust. Although air conditioners are helpful, if you don’t have one, invest on an air purifier which is also a good device to use at night while you sleep.

Lifestyle changes are necessary in preventing another asthma attack. Starting off with stopping vices like smoking and alcohol. Not only does these bad habits trigger asthma attacks but also predisposes you to other illness like cancer. Then find time to have a good exercise plan but do them at a moderate pace and clear it first with your doctor. Thirdly, watch what you eat. Aside from food allergens, being overweight can worsen the symptoms of asthma and can also be bad for general health. Lastly, try to avoid emotional and physical stress. Find time to relax and unwind and try to control your emotions when faced with bad omens.

Asthma should not be a hindrance in your life. It may cause problems but knowing what to do can help you in preventing an asthma attack. It’s all about attitude, vigilance and knowledge.